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5 Manufactured Home Fall Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Fall is here and winter is right around the corner! Cooler weather means spending more time indoors with the people you care about, so make sure your home is in great shape.

Preparing your manufactured home for the colder months during the beginning of fall is always a great idea to help you avoid potential headaches throughout the winter. Plus, preventative maintenance like this saves you money and time over the long run.

That is why we have prepared 5 manufactured home fall maintenance tips and tricks for you to follow!

Garden Cleanup 

While your manufactured home community might take care of some landscaping for you, it’s always important to make sure you have a deep garden cleaning carried out. 

Whether maintenance staff handles it or if you do it yourself, a fall cleanup will help your garden survive the winter and grow back beautifully in the spring.

Here are some things you should put on your fall garden cleanup list!

  • Clear up your flower and vegetable beds
  • Remove the dead summer annuals
  • Divide and rearrange your summer perennials
  • Carry out a thorough weeding
  • Plant shrubs and evergreens
  • Plant fall annuals
  • Compost and mulch your perennials
  • Check for pests/put up wire fencing if necessary
  • Cover your rose bushes with fall leaves for insulation and protection

Properly cleaning up your garden in the fall will allow you to have strong and healthy perennials when the spring rolls around. 

Plus, checking for pests and clearing debris help to prevent the chance of unwanted critters making a home in your garden over the winter. 

Check Your Skirting

Most manufactured homes have skirtings installed to help prevent rodents and insects from entering your home or infesting your foundation. 

These skirtings should always be checked for unwanted visitors (pests) before the winter.

Look at your skirting; check to make sure that there aren’t cracks, holes, or other openings that would make a good home for pests. If you do find nests or infestations, be sure to notify your property management or an animal control specialist who can handle the situation.

Inspect the condition of your skirting and make sure it’s not rotting or visibly damaged. Damaged skirting can lead to further structural damage and expensive repairs if the issue isn’t addressed right away. 

Finally, consider having new insulation installed into your skirting. If you notice your home is drafty or has obvious warm/cold spots, you might need some insulation work done. Proper insulation not only helps you stay comfortable but actually helps you save money over the long run with lower energy bills!

Check for Cracks and Leaks 

Seasonal wear and tear happens to every home. Fall is a great time to take a close look at your structure and make sure there aren’t any cracks, holes, or leaks that could lead to increased energy bill costs over the winter. 

Check your windows and doors to make sure they’re not drafty or improperly sealed. Then, check your exterior walls for any damage that could result in water intrusions or heat escaping from your home. 

This is an opportune time to replace any damaged barriers between your home and the outside world like window screens, screen doors, window trim, weathering strips, etc.

Additionally, you should check your house for warm and cool spots, especially by walls and windows. As we mentioned before, you should look into having new insulation installed if you do discover these.

These maintenance steps help you make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible. If your home retains its heat better, your furnace won’t have to work as hard during the winter which will save you money on your heating bills. 

Check Your Furnace 

Fall is the perfect time to check your furnace and make sure it’s working properly. Try turning it on and adjusting the thermostat settings up and down.

If it isn’t starting or adjusting temperatures properly, you need to call an HVAC professional ASAP to come and fix it before winter arrives!

Additionally, if you haven’t replaced your air filters in your house for a while you should do it now. In fact, you should be doing this every few months. Make sure to write down reminders on your calendar now while it’s on your mind!

Test your Smoke Detector and Replace its Batteries

This isn’t a very fall-specific home maintenance task, but it’s important to do! You need to test your smoke detectors every month and replace their batteries once or twice a year. 

Since you’re already giving your home a thorough fall maintenance check, take care of it now!

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