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Pros & Cons: Manufactured Homes vs. Stick Built

The perfect home needs to have everything to fit your needs, whether you are thinking of just yourself as a single person looking for a new and bigger home or you are considering the needs of your growing family. When the time comes to make that big step of buying a home, there are no shortage of options which can make knowing which one is best a tricky task. 

Finding and buying a home that has everything you need can be intimidating, which is why many individuals and families choose to have their own home built, which can open the door to even more options to consider. No matter how you slice it, finding a new home requires some big decision making which is why it is important to fully understand all the options available to you in order to make the best decision.

When having a new home built the two most common options available to home buyers are purchasing a manufactured home or a stick-built home (better known as a traditionally-built home). The differences between manufactured homes vs stick-built homes are important to consider during the home-buying process so that you can ultimately make a decision that is in the best interest of you or your family.

This article we will outline the pros and cons of manufactured homes and stick-built homes so that you can find your happily-ever-after home.

What is a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured homes, otherwise known as pre-built homes, often get lumped together with trailer homes and mobile homes, but that really couldn’t be further from the truth. Manufactured homes are built in a factory and delivered as a completed home rather than on site. 

However, just because they are built elsewhere does not mean that they aren’t up to the same standards as a site-built home. Manufactured homes are still required to pass all the safety guidelines that traditional homes are subject to thanks to the building standards enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD Code).


Cost and Time Efficiency: Perhaps the biggest perk of purchasing a manufactured home is the faster turnaround time and the cost savings you’ll enjoy as a result of the building process. The highly efficient process and factory conditions under which manufactured homes are built allows them to be built and delivered in as little as 60-75 days, less than half the time of a stick-built home. 

Getting the job done quicker also means manufactured homes are less expensive to create, and the savings get passed down to you as a result. Many incorrectly think the lesser cost of manufactured homes means they are made of cheaper materials. This is simply one of the many myths about manufactured homes. As we said, they are subject to the same safety and material codes as traditional homes.

Versatility: Just because manufactured homes are factory built doesn’t mean they lack versatility or creativity in design and customization. Aspire’s manufactured homes come available in a variety of exciting and unique designs and floor plans to meet your tastes and needs.

It is also easy to make short term and long term additions or adjustments to your home to accommodate you or your family’s lifestyle. Even if you begin with a relatively standard-sized home, new additions or even adding a second-floor later on down the line are available options to you.


Mobile Home Stigma: Even though manufactured homes are definitively not mobile homes, they are still commonly associated with these types of homes which can turn into a sticking point for buyers and can sometimes create issues when securing property in a residential area. 

However, advances and changes in the industry are starting to change the perception. Certain residential areas that were hesitant to allow manufactured homes in the past are starting to change their minds and allow manufactured homes to be delivered. This is in turn allowing more people to experience the comfort and benefits of manufactured homes, steadily breaking this stigma.

Special Lender Requirements: When purchasing a manufactured home, oftentimes there are some financing considerations to account for. Mortgage lenders typically offer mortgages for real property as opposed to real estate. Real property includes not just the land but also all permanent structures that exist there, whereas real estate is just the land. 

Even though manufactured homes don’t have wheels and are note mobile in any way, they are built on a chassis that in the eyes of many mortgage lenders makes them non-permanent. Alternatives exist by seeking personal loans and financing.

What is a Stick-Built Home?

Stick-built homes are the traditional method for home building using lumber to assemble the home’s frame including the floors, walls, and roof truss. Upon this wooden frame, the rest of the interior and exterior are assembled. Stick-built homes are built on site and are typically done through a contractor.


Easy customization: Building a stick-built home is a very involved process for the homebuyer. You will be working with the contractors directly and communicating on a regular basis, making building your own on-site home a very customizable process. 

Not only do you have influence in the initial design, but your involvement and relationship with the builders also allow you to make subtle changes on the fly during the building process. Manufactured homes are available in many different varieties, however site-built homes allow for complete customization.

Appreciation Value: Of course every home and situation is different and nothing is ever a guarantee, site-built homes are oftentimes easier to resell in the future should you ever look to move. Stick-built homes are also typically more profitable when they are resold due to their ability to increase in value over time.


Unpredictable timeline: Unlike manufactured homes which are built under ideal conditions in a factory, stick-built homes are built on-site, which opens up the risk of external factors causing a delay of the construction of the home. Excessive rain, cold, and other unpredictable weather conditions may cause production to be hampered and draw out the already typically longer site building process.

Aspire Communities Manufactured Homes

Understanding the options available to you, especially their pros and cons, can help make the home buying process much less stressful. Once your options have been outlined and your vision clear, you can focus simply focus on what is most important: finding the perfect home.

At Aspire Communities, our mission is to create beautiful homes that you and your family are proud to call home. 

In a world that makes getting ahead in life difficult, we have worked hard to create affordable housing so that you can have a fighting chance. When you choose to live with us, you choose to live in a manufactured home community mindful of your needs and eager to provide you with the high-quality service and respect you expect and deserve.

Finally, feel empowered to take control of your life in a home and community that supports you. Join the 2,000+ happy residents currently living in an Aspire community, and contact us today