Manufactured homes for first-time buyers
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Manufactured Homes for First-Time Buyers: 5 Reasons to Make a Manufactured Home Your First Home

Manufactured homes for first-time buyers – a good idea? We think yes! 

While traditional stick-built homes still dominate the real estate market, manufactured homes are a desirable alternative that’s gaining popularity among first-time buyers. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why a manufactured home is the perfect option for your starter home:

5 Reasons to Make a Manufactured Home Your First Home

  1. Affordable
  2. Better than renting
  3. Built-in community
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Fast building process

1. Affordable

One of the most appealing features of manufactured homes is their affordability. Especially for a first-time home buyer, a lower price point can make the difference between being able to buy now, or being stuck in a rental. 

As housing prices rise, more affordable options like manufactured homes are moving into the spotlight. In Michigan alone, home values rose by 45.6% in the last 5 years. So it’s no surprise that many people are looking for more cost-effective options.

Manufactured homes are generally much less expensive than stick-built homes in their upfront cost, but they also have an ongoing financial benefit: no property taxes! Some states have different laws, but in Michigan, manufactured homes that are located in manufactured housing parks are exempt from property taxes. That can lead to some pretty significant long-term savings. 

P.S. Manufactured home communities typically have a monthly lot rental fee that is not included in the price of the home itself. We don’t want you to be caught off guard by any unexpected costs, so be sure to factor this in as you do your research!

2. Better than renting

With rent prices at an all-time high, many Americans are looking into other housing alternatives, including manufactured homes. 

But manufactured homes for first-time buyers give you more than just a low price point. Unlike most rental situations, manufactured homes offer privacy and quiet. Think about it – no shared walls, no common areas, no crowded parking lots…. sounds pretty nice!

Another disadvantage of renting is the total lack of equity. Are you paying rent faithfully every month, year after year, and still not getting anywhere financially? We know how discouraging that feels. Buying a manufactured home is an affordable way to start building equity so that you can get ahead financially. 

3. Built-in community

Another reason why manufactured homes are the perfect choice for first-time home buyers is that they come with a built-in community! 

Of course, if you own land somewhere, you can buy a manufactured home and install it there. But for the vast majority of manufactured home owners, home is in a community. 

Many manufactured home parks have a vibrant community life – this includes amenities, helpful management, community events, and a great neighborhood feel. What could be a better environment for the start of your homeowning journey?

4. Low maintenance

Manufactured homes are low-maintenance overall, but especially when it comes to outdoor chores. You may have a small or mid-sized yard to keep up, but that’s about it! 

This is ideal for a home buyer who’s just starting out – you can get the hang of home ownership without spending all your free time on home maintenance. 

And then you’ll have more time to spend enjoying the community life!

5. Fast building process

From start to finish, the building process for a manufactured home can be completed in just a few months. In fact, most manufactured homes take less than 3 months to build! This is drastically shorter than the time it takes to complete a stick-built house. 

So if you’re ready to become a homeowner and don’t want to wait, you can have a brand-new manufactured home in less than half the time it takes to build a traditional stick-built home. Or, you can choose one of our available homes for sale that are ready and already waiting for a new owner.

Aspire Communities Offers Manufactured Homes for First-Time Buyers

We understand what it’s like to be a first-time home buyer in 2024. With housing costs at an all-time high and a scarcity of traditional houses on the market, there’s nothing easy about finding your dream home! 

At Aspire Communities, we’re dedicated to changing that. Our mission is to create beautiful homes that you and your family are proud to call home. 

In a world that makes getting ahead in life difficult, we’ve worked hard to create affordable housing so that you can have a fighting chance. When you choose to live with us, you choose to live in a community mindful of your needs and eager to provide you with the high-quality service you expect and deserve. 

Contact us today to get started.